NIKI Takehiko photographer

My name is Niki and I am a photographer .

I left my home town Obihiro -where my parents are still living- in Hokkaido island in Japan when I was only 15 years old for attending a boarding school. I was too smart to go to school of my town, so i decided to leave my very relaxed hometown. Obviouslly my hometown's main industry is agriculture.

Atthe La Salle High in Hakodate city, the academic competition was hard and bitter. I couldn't be the smartest student like junior high days. That's why I started to write poems. I thought that you don't need the high score to be a poet... But I learned many things from these days,,,first of all, what "liberty" is. By the way, La Salle academy is french origin, and catholic society.

When I was a journalism student at the Sophia University in Tokyo, I started to do photography seriously. I found out that I prefered to do visual things than writing. Even more that's when I realized that I was insane enough to be an artist.

After I finished the college and got Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, I flew to New York City. I went three schools of photography, F.I.T., S.V.A., and I.C.P.. At the same time I started to work as a professional photographer. I stayed this crazy energetic city for almost 6 years.

I traveled more than 30 countries. And then Year 2000, I decided to move to Italy where I've felt nostalgia somehow. I am so happy to live in MILANO at this moment. I think there is something similar between my island Hokkaido in Japan where i am originally from and country side of Milano.

I've worked for.....

GQ,Esquire,Marie Clair,Figaro,Elle,,,,,,etc

News papers
New York Post,Irish Echo

Fashion Catalogue

Still Photo for Movie
Home Sweet Hoboken(u.s.a.)

CD Jacket
Fumio Hayashi

Book Cover
Hitonari Tsuji

Solo Exhibition
1997 Happy Holiday Exhibition (New York , Times Square)
2002 Milano-under the moon (Milano, Mama Cafe)
2002 Milano-lights in winter (Milano, Angelo Fusco)

Photo Books
From Natsuko
The Sophia Moderndancers

I am specialized in Portrait, Fashion, Documentary, Theater, Dance, Landscape and any kind of editorial work.

I speak English, Japanese and ITALIAN.

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